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Still looking for a job. Either corporate libraries are shutting down everywhere, or they just aren't hiring (or advertising that they're hiring), so I'm looking at university libraries, which want university experience. Glad I got that severance package.

Renewed my Entertainment Weekly subscription today. It's a pretty good magazine; I might have come to Lost late if not for reading about it in EW. The main failing of EW is that every fourth issue or so has a back-of-the-book column by Stephen King, a.k.a. "your uncle Stevie," in which a man in his 60s offers his hep advice about pop culture to the youth of today, and he digs your groovy lingo, daddy-o. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but it comes off as a combination of out of touch and creepy in the wrong way.

I have a minor headache.

Laura and I finally got around to watching the first couple of episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, a new Canadian TV series based on a series of murder mysery novels by Maureen Jennings set in Victorian Toronto. There were a couple of TV movies a while back that were pretty good; this appears to be from a different bunch of people, with a completely different cast, and it's not nearly as good. The lead's a stiff, and the writers are too much in love with playing little anachronistic jokes. Like for example Detective Murdoch and Nikola Tesla having a chat about how someday people will transmit images using some form of wireless communication. Murdoch says, why, that could be called a telekinescope. Tesla says, no, something shorter... tele... vision! Yes, television! The first two episodes are full of lame little gags like that.

It's almost lunchtime.

D.O.A. is at the Dominion tomorrow night and Lonesome Paul is at Irene's on Saturday night. If I were a few years younger and lived a bit closer to downtown, I'd go to both. Punk and old-fashioned country are both fun in a live setting, and both go well with beer. Maybe we'll make it to Lonesome Paul. I've seen D.O.A. just twice and I used to see Lonesome fairly often when had a weekly Sunday night thing at Irene's, but the Dominion's likely to be packed, loud, and crazy, and I'm not a kid any more. Hell, when I saw DOA in 1998 with a couple of friends, we were the only ones aside from Joey Shithead and the bar staff over 30. And now I'm over 40....

GTA IV looks like a lot of fun. Laura's certainly enjoying it.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 08:19 pm
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One of those "damn, I don't work there any more" moments: watching Lost and realizing I won't be talking about it at work with Allison and Colette.

Allison and Colette were laid off on November 30, when it was announced that the library would be closing, and I was kept on until January 23 to shut the place down. It seems fairly self-evident to me that you can make better decisions when you're better informed. Ironically, the decision to close the library was made on next to no information (they didn't ask us anything about how the place worked and what we did until after they decided to close it), and their uninformed decision will ensure that they make a lot more uninformed decisions.

Meanwhile, one of Laura's colleagues had a project that would require someone with library experience. Laura's first suggestion fell through, they were turned down by their second choice, and her colleague was running out of time to use the funding for the project.... So I've got a job for a month or two. I ended up getting rid of Telesat's library collection; now I'm whipping a departmental reading room into a functional mini-library. Ends and beginnings.


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