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Nov. 27th, 2015 08:30 pm
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Keith DeCandido posted something explaining the backstory of his LJ icons. I haven't posted much here lately (the action is on facebook and thefifteenth.wordpress.com) but what the heck. I'm not sure I even remember all my lj icons. So let's go!

This is a photo Laura took of me in Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 2007. Pictou is known as the birthplace of New Scotland because it's where the first big load of Scottish immigrants landed in Nova Scotia in the late 1700s, on the ship Hector. It's also the birthplace of my mother and me, too. And a few years back a replica of the Hector was built by the Pictou waterfront. And that's where we were. I was wearing a Telesat Canada golf shirt, because the Americans hadn't yet bought the company and laid off me and most of the people I worked with.

Ten or eleven years ago, in the space of a few months, Laura lost her grandmother, her mother, and a cat she'd had since she moved out of her mother's home. We needed a new cat to bring some happiness and life, and we got Spencer. This is one of my favourite photos of him. He died a year or two ago, and although he had issues and was a lot of work, he was the first cat Laura and I got together, and I miss him.

During that 2007 Nova Scotia trip we spent a little time at the Pictou Lodge (then-Foreign Affairs minister Peter MacKay took then-US bigwig Condoleeza Rice there a bit later). Laura took this photo bright and early looking across the Northumberland Strait.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They met filming To Have and Have Not and fell in love and made three more movies together, The Big Sleep, Key Largo, and Dark Passage, all well worth seeing.

A photo taken on the Leeds University campus and used as a placeholder image for a planned John Foxx album. He never actually used it, but I always liked it and I've used it as an icon/avatar in a few places online. I like the greyscale and the geometry.


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