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Big spoilers ahead.

I'm serious. Spoilers.

Yes, I was surprised by the presence of Jenna Louise Coleman. However. It seems to me that the episode depends on the viewer recognizing her as the coming new companion. Because if you don't have any expectations about her character's survival, there's a lot less of a twist to her turning out to be a Dalek and dying at the end. If it had been some generic guest star, I think half the audience would have seen the ending coming a mile away. We've seen this sort of story before. For example, the DS9 episode The Sound of Her Voice, which had a different twist when the main characters finally found the person they'd been talking to on subspace radio, and I'm sure I've seen at least a couple of other variations on the idea.

And was that the crack from Amy's wall floating in space in one shot? And did the nanogene thing get cleared up? And as others have pointed out, the Daleks had a pretty easy time of it rounding up the Doctor and his pals... why didn't they do that ages ago?

And the question has been asked, loudly: Doctor Who? What kind of answer can provide a proper payoff for that? How many of Moffat's arcs are still in play?

Oh, and I liked it a lot, more than a lot of Moffat-era episodes.

Date: 2012-09-02 09:12 am (UTC)
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Count me as someone who didn't recognise her and so did see the end a mile off...

Date: 2012-09-02 01:22 pm (UTC)
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Just managed to read this moments before the Big Horrific Reveal About Oswin.

Did not see the Crack in Space-Time show up. If it did, I didn't spot it.

I suspect...that all of those arcs are still in play. Regardless of what we've been previously told or chosen to believe.

Am I wrong?
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