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According to, Blade Runner came out 30 years ago today. I doubt I saw it on its opening day, but I did see it during its theatrical release, and I was one of the apparent minority who loved it then. I'd been reading Philip K. Dick for a couple of years but hadn't yet read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, so I don't know how having read the book first would have changed my perception of the movie -- but I think it was around that time that I first saw Double Indemnity on TV, so the noir side of the movie probably worked on me almost as much as the SF side.

About the only things left to say about Blade Runner now:
  1. If you haven't seen it, you can't see it the way people did 30 years ago. So much has borrowed from it that it just couldn't have the same impact.
  2. Ridley Scott is wrong.
  3. If there is a sequel, I'd be happiest if it never even mentions Deckard, given point number 2.
Things that have been said a million times:
  1. Yes, it's flawed. And it's one of the best science fiction movies ever made.
  2. If Deckard is a replicant, everything about the movie is subverted for a bit of cheap irony.
Things I'd like to see:
  1. A high definition, gaming console remake of the Blade Runner computer game done to modern standards. I liked the idea of what KW Jeter did with the Blade Runner novels, but I really loved the hell out of that game.
  2. A once-and-for-all proper movie soundtrack without Vangelis's silly messing about, just the music from the movie.
I mean, really... Ridley's got his Alien and Prometheus movies to explore androids/replicants. No need to mess around with Blade Runner any more.
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