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Well, if Christopher Bennett can blog about chili, so can I. 

Start with some loud music on the stereo (Jesus and Mary Chain, Big Star, whatever) and a good brown ale or porter. Now you can begin. 

Chop half to a full sweet onion, depending on size, dump in a big pot with a little oil, saute for a few minutes, add some chili powder (ancho/pasilla for earthiness and colour, chipotle for heat and colour, whatever else you have). Dump in two cans of diced tomatoes. Dump in two cans of beans, rinsed, e.g., one of black beans, one of kidney beans. Toss in some corn. Add a couple sliced celery stalks and carrots. Stir in some tomato paste. Chop as many types of peppers as you have in the house. One or two red bell peppers, a green bell pepper, a cubanelle or perhaps other colours of bell peppers, a couple of jalapenos, Hungarians, serranos, cherry peppers, whatever reasonably but not insanely hot peppers you have. A little salt. Maybe a little Bufalo Chipotle sauce or a little Ancho Mama. Let it cook but not for too long, you don't want the veg turning to mush. Drink the beer while chopping and cooking.

I don't like meat so I don't bother with veggie meat substitute here. Many will undoubtedly say this is far from their idea of chili. As for me, I'll fill a bowl and eat it with tortilla chips and be very happy. A good balanced chili will have a good tomato flavour with sweet red bell pepper and some definite zing in every bite, with the chips delivering most of the salt. Laura would include some garlic and add some shredded cheese on top of her bowl. Not me. A little beer in the chili might work, but I usually need it myself.


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